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About us

ROUND LOG HOMES - Building of round log homes and cottages   Izba-iz-Brevna company is in the round log home business since 1999. We offer you service of building wooden houses, cottages, saunas and small architectural forms from a round log in diameter from 160 mm to 320 mm (7" to 12"). During past 15 years of active work we created our own two manufacturing facilities in Kirov Region and Komi Republic. At the same time we have gained considerable experience and created professional team, which is ready to meet any challenge and carry out many country houses, cottages, saunas projects from a round log.


Our own manufacturing of round log

   Our company manufactures round log from selected wood both conifer and Siberian larch.  Conifer type of wood comes from North-Eastern regions of the country, while Siberian larch comes from Krasnoyarsk Krai. The quality of the wood is our priority number one. Thus we use only environmentally friendly materials to offer customer the best quality. Nowadays log-houses become more popular all over the world just because wood is a unique material, created by the nature itself. Wood has a lot of positive qualities, which make it different from any other construction materials. Modern design fulfills the construction of round log homes with the best comfort and coziness, meeting all needs of the customers. It should be said though that in order log-house to be durable it has to be constructed according to all technology standards.

Conifer is the most popular type among our customers. The wood of pine tree is processed in our manufacturing facilities and conform all the requirements and standards (sanitary-engineering and ecological). In our manufacturing facilities we produce logs in diameter from 160 mm to 320 mm (7" to 12"). To receive the highest quality log we use only modern woodworking equipment. That is how we guarantee the high quality of construction material. Every piece of wood before being processed is hand-sorted. Thanks to the new technologies the diameter of each log appeared to be exactly the same, which helps to make the construction more durable. Each log fits another one more closely, which provides better thermal building insulation.

Designing and building of round log homes

   The building of round log homes is made according to technology standards, which is the guarantee of durability and quality of our houses. Construction teams include only professionals with the experience in building round log homes for more than 10 years. Every stage of construction is instructed by qualified head foreman. He is the one who checks the quality of the done works and negotiates all the problems with the customers. One of the main reasons why our company is developing rapidly is that we always aspire to the mutual understanding between us and the customer. At the same time we rigorously obey liability and always offer reasonable prices. The positive reviews of our customers are the best way to show the quality of our round log homes.

Prices for the round log homes

   The technological cycle of tree felling, own manufacture of a round log using modern equipment, transportation, construction of round log homes with the help of professional teams decrease production costs, which has a positive effect on the final prices of our houses. Our prices are always reasonable, plus we always have best offers, specials and special offers for the second order and for repeat customers. It should be said that the prices differ according to the individual needs of each customer. Most of the customers offer their own projects of the houses, thus the price for the two same-size houses may be different. The final price depends on your individual needs and wishes. Applying to our office you will be suggested the project completely meeting all your wishes and financial capacities.

   We provide our customers with the warranty for all the manufacturing works. At the same time we offer our customers the payment by instalments.

   So working season is in the middle. Winter wood is the best material for the building of round log homes. Apply to our company and we will help you to save money and time. You may rely on our experience and get the wooden house of your dreams.


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